Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Trek 2012

Today, MPS began Summer Trek 2012! #strek12 will be our hashtag for our participants input and feedback. I am attempting to Blog from my Blackberry and capture the journey to excellence!

Workshop Objectives: Define the process and tools to be used to work in teams to achieve better outcomes.

Program Outcomes
* identify the district problem solving process
* identify the fundamental concepts and tools in support of the district problem solving process
* Ability to apply problem solving concepts and tools on district problems relative to one's respective area of responarea of responsibility
* Learned and practiced problem solving and cooperative decision-making

Our Summer Trek Teams:
Visionary Leadership
Process Centered
Customer Driven Focus
Continuous Improvement
Manage by Fact
Involvement by everyone
Systems perspective

MPS - "our" Problem Solving Process
Identify the poblem/Gap
(Tools-problem statements, data charts, flow chart)
Determine the root cause
(Cause & effect analysys, pareto analysis, ask why 5 times)
Explore possible solutions
(Brainstorming, prioritization 9,3,1 & consensus)
Assess the results
(Data charts)
Standardize the improvement
(Action plan)

I will update the post as #strek12 progresses
The journey continues...