Monday, August 27, 2012

Flipped Classroom

This is the term being used for a new way of thinking in education. For many, it marks a new paradigm and will forever change the way they approach teaching. I believe this is the reform education needs to ensure we prepare our children for the uncharted future ahead. In a Flipped Classroom, the teacher's lecture or guided instruction is given to the students as homework in the form of watching youtube videos or video clips (there are many applications for teachers who wish to Flip) which allows the student to watch, pause, rewind, fast-forward the lecture as they require. Students use their personal learning devices, such as smartphones or Ipods, to do so - think about how this increases the likelihood that a student would be willing to admit they didn't understand something, and rewind it until they did... there are no other classmates watching so the student would not worry about their appearance. Once the student has viewed the lecture as often as necessary the night before, they enter the classroom the next day ready to apply their understanding. What might have been homework or a lab assignment can now be the center point of the class time. The teacher is free to observe, assist, and coach the students at various levels of readiness. We learn by doing, the power of a Flipped Classroom is the doing is center stage under the watchful eye of a professional teacher. Using various technologies, the student can watch the lecture or background knowledge at their own pace and many teachers are allowing students to ask questions about the pre-recorded lecture through free applications like Twitter. Watch the link below to see the President Award Winning teacher in action:
The Flipped Classroom