Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How do you generate a positive Opening Day?

Earlier this summer, while I was doing a little research online about motivating your staff, I stumbled upon a Tony Robbins video from one of his latest motivational retreats. It was at this moment, I realized that if I wanted to get unusual results that I would need to do the unusual. Motivation comes from working at a place where people feel connected to something bigger than themselves, a place where they can grow and evolve, and lastly when they are providing a service to others. This combination is the perfect storm for motivation. Truth be told, while we all expect to be paid for our employment, money alone is insignificant to motivate people for the long haul. Ultimately, it is never enough. So to feel motivated, positive, and alive everyday people want to work in an environment that affords them an opportunity to grow professionally - take new risks - try new ideas out without worry of ridicule. Additionally, they want to know that the work they do matters - that they are somehow making the world a better place. By providing a service to others we can see that we matter. This year, I wanted to make the point that every single member of this school district is as important as the next. In order to truly achieve a world class level of service, everyone must connect with their purpose in the organization. Our back to school opening "Event" includes EVERY member of the staff. No exceptions. Yes, this means we will close buildings temporarily so that everyone can attend.

The power in this message could not be conveyed without taking such a drastic step. From the moment I stated that every employee must report on opening day their has been a buzz. What is this all about? Does he mean me? I wonder what we will do? Will it have meaning to me? I wanted to keep people in suspense, so I only included a few key people in the planning at first. People generally like surprises, especially ones that are fun. We have such a morning planned for the staff at Millville Public Schools. The movie clip below is part of generating and adding to the buzz about the opening day. Those who are in the video were willing to have fun, and sort of make fun of themselves, for the greater cause of getting everyone excited about a new school year. The film is about the "Quest for opening day information" and the actors, staff members, involved are great sports. Truthfully, they do not have the details of the opening day either. Only Dr. Moore, assistant superintendent, and myself have the full agenda. I hope we deliver a fun, exciting, opening day kick-off that will be talked about positively by all. Spoiler alert - if you are expecting Oprah to show up and give away some of her favorite things - you will be disappointed. I am sure we will all have fun.

I am looking forward to beginning a new with all of you in an effort to move us one step closer to world class.
 Special thank you to those involved with the filming-
Stephanie DeRose, Spike Cook, Kathy Procopio, Kelly Crawford, David LaGamba, Chris Finney, Tom Denning, Larry Perry, and Pamm Moore
& special thank you to Millville Police Sergeant Deckert