Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our Story; Featured in ASCD's Latest Instructional Video

I received a phone call about 5 minutes ago from my right hand, Dr. Moore. She could barely contain her enthusiasm as she asked, "did you open you mail today?". My response was "uh, not yet (my administrative assistant is out today and everything goes off track when I am left on my own). She said, "I will be right down". As I attempted to say ok, I hear her coming through my office door (three flights of steps) - as she came in she was waving the pamphlet from ASCD (shown below). Within seconds I realized that one of our all-star teachers - Jamie Sutton, was prominently featured on the cover of the video series. Our students could also be seen. To say that we are proud of our people would be a dramatic understatement. WAY TO GO!!!!!! MPS is on the road to excellence, and I am proud to be traveling with people like Dr. Moore, Jamie Sutton...and the list goes on and on-