Monday, November 12, 2012

A Day of Firsts; Dads and Lads

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon (amazing weather I might add) outside with a group of fathers and sons during what has been dubbed "Dads & Lads" by the creator, my friend Steve. The day is dedicated to doing 'manly' things like: firing bee-bee guns, sling shots, motorcycle rides, building a fire and eating meat. For my 7 year old son, it was a day of firsts as he has never done any of these things before. I was amazed as I watched and enjoyed his curiosity, nervousness at times, and sense of adventure as he tried each new experience. Living on a one street looping 'cul-de-sac', it is safe to say my son has not experienced many of the things I did growing up in a home that backed up to railroad tracks and woods for miles. I loved exploring the woods and tracks as a kid with my father. One of my all time favorite childhood memories was riding 'dirt bikes (motorcycles)' with my father on Sundays. We would ride for miles and although we did not talk much during these days, we communicated over the roughness of the day. We had a bond. Yesterday, my son and I experienced a glimpse of my childhood and as the day grew on my son grew to enjoy many of the same things I did as a kid. He overcame his initial fears and awkwardness with each new experience. By the end of the day, he wasn't even worried about the mud and dirt that covered us- which earlier in the day upset him. As bedtime approached last night, he and I communicated as two men often do, by exchanging phrases and words that his mother and sister could not possibly understand because they were not in the woods with us all day. Right before he fell asleep he said, "I can't wait for Dads & Lads next year".  Try something different, get out of your comfort zone-