Friday, February 10, 2012



It is indeed my pleasure to welcome you to my blog. In today’s information era, you have so many choices when seeking interesting – useful professional materials. Therefore I will attempt to provide high quality, high interest, and extremely practical information on my blog. So thank you for visiting… Let me tell you a little about the author:
  • Currently a school superintendent in Millville, NJ
  • Proud family guy
    • son David, Jr (6 yrs)., daughter Grace (2 years), wife Kristie (would rather I didn’t say)
    • father to a 5 month old “Portie” or Portuguese Water Dog
    • majority of my spare time is dedicated to playtime with my children
  • After tucking the kids in, I am a Mixed Martial Arts Student at Budo.
  • Avid reader, sports fan, and dog enthusiast
    • Currently loaded in Kindle: The Lean Six Sigma Pocket Toolbook, How to Raise the Perfect Dog by Ceasar Millan, and The Leadership Challenge by Kouzes and Posner
My leadership approach is best described as participative leadership. I believe strongly in collaboration and pushing others to grow professionally. Our combined talents far exceed any of our individual strengths. My professional mission is to fulfill my District’s vision to create a world class district involving all stakeholders where every child can learn. Students must hear three critical messages in order to be successful:
  1. What we are doing here is important. 
  2. You can do it. 
  3. We will not give up on you – even if you give up on yourself.
My life mission is to lead a productive, enjoyable, exciting, and compassionate life. I enjoy learning. My conduct is much more valuable than my words. It is my hope that my children will learn to love learning. Ultimately, life is fragile and there is no promise of tomorrow so while living today, chose to live well.