Thursday, April 11, 2013

"Complete Freak'n Noise" Test Scores & Teacher Effectiveness

Hello all, some of you may know - i broke the 'radial head' in my elbow, on a skateboard - yes i realize i am too old to be on a skateboard - not the point right now. the point is i only have one hand for typing so let me get right to it. bruce baker video above is a must watch if you are a human being. now more than ever, everyone wants to condemn educators and their tool is a new teacher evaluation system that takes into account student learning (or so the rhetoric leads you to believe) listen here as bruce explains the problem with nj"s model. follow his blog for great insights into testing &evaluation. wish i hadnt broken my elbow, i have so much i want to say and share on the issue of teacher effectiveness and evaluation. 4-6 weeks of one handed typing ahead. great opportunity for me to "listen" to my PLN'S wisdom!