Monday, January 6, 2014

PLN Blogging Challenge

Dr. Cook set the challenge to me to participate in the PLN Blogging Challenge. I always like a good challenge. I listed 11 of the people I would like to see participate - 

This is what a PLN Blogging Challenge is...“If you’re on Twitter then I’m sure you’ve seen people tweeting out the PLN Blogging Challenge, Sunshine Award, Homework Meme, or whatever other names they are giving it.  It’s basically like a chain letter for blogging, which I have enjoyed reading others’ posts, but have been avoided joining in myself.”

This PLN blogging challenges gives us bloggers a chance to get to know each other better through this post (and reading each others’).

Here are the rules of the challenge:

Acknowledge the nominating blogger. - Dr. Spike Cook (check)
Share 11 random facts about yourself.
Answer the 11 questions the nominating blogger has created for you.
List 11 bloggers. They should be bloggers you believe deserve some recognition and a little blogging love!
Post 11 questions for the bloggers you nominate to answer and let all the bloggers know they have been nominated. (You cannot nominate the blogger who nominated you.)

Here are my 11 random facts
1. I am addicted to playing Dark Souls (Xbox live) and often play on weekend nights until the early morning.
2. I worked as a bartender to help pay for college.
3. My initial attempt to get my wife's phone number (back in college) failed.
4. I have more than one tattoo.
5. I love MMA.
6. My first concert was Motley Crue (and Whitesnake opened) in 6th grade with Millville coaching legend "Rocky M".
7. I play the guitar (sort of).
8. My family is fun (and a lot crazy)
9. I was a beach lifeguard (Cape May Point)
10. I once rowed in a 6 mile bay race in Strathmere NJ.
11. Mike Trout's dad was my high school baseball coach.

Now to answer the other 11 questions from the challenge (I just used Spike's)

1. What is your favorite tv show? Game of Thrones; Dexter was; Homeland

2. What is one app or resource you’ve learned about on Twitter that has been a game changer for you at work? Google Docs

3. What is your typical bedtime? Not applicable - I often have insomnia.

4. Best book you’ve read in 2013? Game of Thrones (all 5) and The Blade Itself (Reign of Error and lots of other leadership or Education books)

5. Favorite Twitter Chat: #suptchat

6. Best place you’ve vacationed? Montigo Bay Jamaica

7. How has your PLN impacted you? I have met and exchanged ideas with people I would have never met otherwise.

8. What motivates you each day to be an educator (what motivates you period)?  A belief that despite all the complexities of being a chief education officer, I add value !

9. What was the most amazing lesson you ever facilitated or observed? too many to name, but, anytime learning is the focal point is an amazing lesson.  - I am not looking for a "dog and pony" show or fireworks just opportunities for students to be engaged in meaningful work.

10. If you had a whole day to do just what you wanted, what would it be? be with my family - (or maybe just play Xbox)

11. Favorite tv show when you were growing up? The A-team, Magnum PI, Growing Pains

11 People I would like to see take the challenge (if they haven't already) - I went big!!!

Alan November ‏ @globalearner
EUFSDSuper ‏ @DrJosephRicca

Joe Sanfelippo ‏ @Joesanfelippofc

Jennie Snyder, Ed.D. ‏ @POUSDSupt