Friday, September 18, 2015

Kids These Days!

Kids these days...are awesome! There are so many amazing happenings in the Millville Public Schools but one recently stood out to me. During my schedule review with my dedicated assistant we reviewed the week to come. I noticed a meeting set for September 17th at 2:45 pm with Mr. Kyle Permuy (@varninja on Twitter). Not recognizing the name, I inquired as to what the meeting's purpose was. My assistant stated that a #MPS senior respectfully came in to set up a meeting with me to discuss an idea. I was immediately excited by the student's conduct.

He arrived 15 minutes early, (Coach Surace, my former football coach always said, if you are early you are on time, if you are on time you are late, and if you are late you are forgotten). His showing up early was only one of the many things that impressed me.  At 2:45 we sat down in my conference room and I asked him "what can I do for you?". He leaped into a well prepared and organized presentation about an event he would like to hold in Millville next May. (May 7th, 2016* tentative). The event essentially will bring high school students (9-12) from across South Jersey to spend a day coding their way to solving a problem, any problem of their choice. Kyle explained that this is called a 'hackathon' and there is lots out there if you are like me and plan to Google it after reading this. His excitement around a passion of his was simply contagious. I found myself smiling from ear to ear. Together, he and I spent nearly an hour brainstorming how best to make this event a success. We talked about how he could share his love for coding with our younger students by being a guest many possibilities simply because this young man was brave enough to take a risk and ask his superintendent for a meeting.

So the next time you hear, or read, about all that is wrong with #MPSWC or kids today, think about @varninja aka Kyle. Kids these days...are awesome!