Friday, November 18, 2016

Push-ups, Breaking Boards...all in a days work

When Master Jung brought me in front of 600 plus parents, students, and community leaders I was honored. When he told me to do 10 push ups and break a board I was nervous. I have been very open that my fitness has been on the back-burner lately. I wasn't sure 10 push-ups were possible with my shoulder injury. When he replaced the thin beginner board that the children were using with what he called "the big boy board" I truly worried about letting down the kids. Thankfully, all worked out. The cheering from the students and spectators gave me the push needed to complete both tasks.

I am very proud of all the students who graduated from the 8 week long partnership Taekwondo class taught by the USTEF. Our students demonstrated strength, courage, and discipline throughout. I am proud that we were able to pack the house for the students. We had some real dignitaries in attendance as well: Assemblymen Andrejczak and Land, Senator Van Drew to name a few.

Great job kids, "Kiaaaaaah"