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NEW!!!! Distinguished Teacher Practice



Rowan University College of Graduate and Continuing Education, in partnership with the Educational Information Resource Center and Dr. David Gentile, announce the new academy program leading to a New Jersey Teacher Leader Certificate in Distinguished Teacher Practice. This learner focused experience has been developed by master teachers, seasoned supervisors, experienced principals, and superintendents grounded in teaching and learning.

The target audience includes teachers of all levels and content areas who aspire toward excellence in their craft, taking responsibility for their students’ learning, collaborating to ensure student growth, and who might serve as informal leaders, role models and specialists in pedagogy, curriculum, technology resources and data analysis to advance the honorable profession of teaching. Principals and supervisors are encouraged to participate (see special pricing incentives) to support best practices and technology resources.

New Jersey is on the forefront of dramatic revisions to the teacher evaluation process. These new requirements are being field tested now in several pilot school districts throughout the state. Pending legislation will establish a standardized teacher evaluation system with a universal vision of highly effective teaching practices, based on common language and clear expectations. Personnel decisions, such as tenure and compensation, will be based on teacher effectiveness rather than seniority and advanced degrees.

NJ school districts are required to select a teaching practice observation instrument that meets certain DOE criteria. This certificate program will prepare you to understand the expectations for highly effective and distinguished teaching and is aligned with any and all of the EE4NJ teacher observation models. Success in the academy will also demonstrate skills, aptitudes and dispositions of distinguished teaching that hiring principals and superintendents are seeking.

With the support and guidance of seasoned educators, you will design your personal roadmap toward teaching excellence and establish a networked community of distinguished teachers. Based on your personal vision for your classroom, your personal assets and values, and timely data driven feedback, you will learn exactly what distinguished, highly effective teaching looks like and how to make it happen in your classroom.

During Session One, participants will "unpack" the InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards which serve as the basis for the EE4NJ initiative and each of the DOE approved models. This session is designed to stand alone; it will also serve as the foundation for the remaining four sessions. During the subsequent sessions, participants will design, implement, and monitor their personal, individualized action plans to become a Highly Effective, Distinguished Teacher.

Participants who participate in all five sessions will receive the New Jersey Teacher Leader Certificate in Distinguished Teacher Practice.

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